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Noemié Pinaudeau studied Art and Space Design at the National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France. She’s worked with a range of projects including Yes We Camp (2019), as part of the MetaNation Embassy during the establishment of the Saint Fons CAP (the Plastic Art Centre) and designing the installation for the Saxifraga Collective’s event at the Angoulême Comics Festival 2020.


After moving to Bristol in 2020 she’s applied her skills to theatre making, drawing from her knowledge of scenography and graphic design as well as exploring new art forms such as light design and directing.

Amanda Quartey is a performer, writer and director. Born in Sweden she started working in theatre at the age of 19. After working with companies such as the National Touring Theatre of Sweden, Potato Potato Performance and co-founding the independent company Teater Athena, she moved to the UK to explore and deepen her practice.


Since 2020 she is based in Bristol and has developed the concept and method of Spiritual Theatre, working with fusing the spiritual and the cultural in order to create deeper, more profound experiences. 

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